Weeding / Maintenance


See calendar for regular Open / weeding days.  Most months we weed the second Saturday and fourth Sunday from 9 – 11 am.

What to Expect:

Plan on getting dirty!  Please wear closed-toed shoes / boots and sun protection.  Some plants are scratchy and some areas are rocky or have uneven ground.  Bring water but know that there are no restrooms on site.  Experienced volunteers will be available to guide you as needed.  Green waste is put into city green barrels for weekly disposal.
Scouts at the Westwood Greenway

Tools and Gloves:

Some gloves and weeding tools are available for you to borrow.  You are welcome to bring your own. Large groups should contact us so we can be prepared and make best use of your time.


Weeding and maintenance activities at the Westwood Greenway are completely voluntary and done at your own risk. You will be responsible for any and all expenses, to yourself or others, arising from injury or damage resulting from your participation in thie event / activity. Water contact is not advised due to possible contaminants.

Top Weeds:

Non-native, aggressively invasive plants.  There are many, but two current problems:



Seed pod looks like a round of cheese. Has a long taproot.

Bristly Oxtongue

Spreads by it's dandelion-like flower. Has a taproot.