The purpose of the Project is to capture and treat urban runoff from the Overland Avenue storm drain, which is adjacent to the project site. This will
improve water quality in the Sepulveda Channel, Ballona Creek, Ballona Estuary, and Santa Monica Bay

This Stormwater and Greenway Project Has Been Generously Funded by:
the City of Los Angeles’ Proposition O and the State of California’s Proposition 84.

Funding for this Project was recommended by the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission, and has been provided through an agreement with the
State Water Resources Control Board.


In November 2004, City of Los Angeles voters approved the Proposition O Clean Water Bond Measure. Proposition O funds projects like this one,
which fall within one or more of the following categories:

  • Protect rivers, lakes, beaches, and the ocean
  • Provide flood protection
  • Reduce flooding
  • Capture and clean stormwater

• Utilize neighborhood parks to reduce localized flooding
• Restore and protect wildlife habitat and create open spaces
• Conserve and protect drinking water and other water sources