Project Overview

The Overland Avenue storm drain carries spring water and urban runoff water from an area of approximately 2,400 acres. Inside this storm drain, adjacent to the Greenway, the project diverts some of this water to a separator where sediment, debris, and trash are removed. The water then collects in a pump well system and is lifted to the surface where it flows through a sand filter before entering the north vegetated bioswale. Here, biofiltration and sunlight treat and clean the water as it flows westward.

Near the Westwood/Rancho Park Station, the water flows into an underground pipe which takes it below the tracks to a second pump well. Here the water is filtered anew and pumped up to the south vegetated bioswale where, again, biofiltration and sunlight treat the water as it flows back towards Overland Avenue to the east.

The treated water then returns to the Overland Avenue storm drain which takes it south to Ballona Creek and, eventually, to Santa Monica Bay. This project creates cleaner water for swimming and playing in our ocean, as well as a healthier habitat for marine animals.


Tour with the Echoes Explorer mobile app at the Greenway or listen now.

Construction Photos

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