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The Westwood Neighborhood Greenway is located on either side of the E Line, between Westwood Blvd. and Overland Ave. in West Los Angeles.

How to Get to the Westwood Neighborhood Greenway:

The Greenway is accessible via public transit to the  Westwood/Rancho Park E Line station at Westwood and Exposition Blvds.


Big Blue Bus route BBB 8 

BBB 12

Big Blue Bus route BBB 12

CC 3

Culver City Bus line CC 3

The North Greenway’s west gate is located immediately north of the Westwood/Rancho Park E Line station (use 2HPF+QW3 for a GPS map pin;, see map). There is a drop-off area accessible from the alley off of Ashby Avenue.

GPS directions to 2HPH+X8G will bring you to the North Greenway’s east gate, along busy Overland Ave., opposite Northvale Avenue and Overland Elementary School.


Westwood Greenway Map

Where to Park

Neither gate has general parking immediately adjacent. Those driving should carefully note neighborhood parking restrictions. Suggested places to park are noted on the map. The Expo Bike/Ped Path lies on the south side of the tracks, adjacent to the South Greenway, should you need to get to or from Overland and Westwood.